Can you remember this game, which you played in your school days? I would like to share a personal memory! I used to play this game during my school days! I was addicted to this game! Every time I failed to reach the last level and I started the game again! But I never could reach the end of the game! 

Mustafa (Cadillacs & Dinosaur) Game for Java & Symbian

This game was released for Java games! See this screenshot:

Download this fantastic game from this link, given bellow. It'll work in Java and Symbian. Grab It Now.

Download Mustafa.jar for Free (Link has been updated)

Mustafa (Cadillacs and Dinosaur) Game For Android

Few days ago, the game was released for Android too. This game's Java and Symbian version has only 4th steps. But all levels have been included in Android Version! See the screenshot!

Mustafa (Cadillacs and Dinosaur) Game For Android


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